About us

Alliance for YOUth is a global initiative aiming to help & prepare young people to enter the professional world. The program founded by Nestlé, is an alliance of leading companies in Europe who recognize that youth unemployment is a major social and economic issue on the continent and are committed to helping to solve it.

In 2020, the Alliance for YOUth program will be for the first time implemented in Greece. Our partners include: ABB, Adecco, AXA, ENGIE, EY, Evalion, HERON, Nestlé, Nielsen, Publicis Groupe, SAP, Vodafone.

The idea is to run a gradual assessment process with online assessments and face-to-face interviews in order to select people who will form diverse teams that will work on a project of social nature. The top 3 winning teams will win a 6month contract for a job position in one of the participating companies.

The program has the following structure:

1. Apply through LinkedIn (please read carefully the requirements. All applicants that do not meet the criteria will be excluded from the recruitment process)

2. You will receive a dedicated communication in your email account informing you about the online assessment

3. Those of you who have successfully passed the tests will be invited to participate in a Workshop dedicated to the Soft Skills needed in a working environment, Do’s & Don’ts on how to conduct your CV and tips on how to prepare yourself before an interview

4. Interviews will take place with all the candidates that meet the criteria. 50 candidates will be selected and will be split in 10 teams of 5 members to work on a case study for the next 3 weeks. Each team will be mentored by a mentor that works in the participating companies

5. All teams will present the outcome of their project to the CEOs of the companies participating in our initiative

6. The top 3 working groups will be awarded with a 6month contract in their field interest

All candidates will be informed about the progress of their application at all stages via email.


We ‘ve got jobs for YOUth! If you are looking for a dynamic kick start in your career, Alliance 4 YOUth in Greece is your chance! Don’t miss the opportunity to apply now and live a unique experience! #alliance4youthgr